Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Nokia 5250 Review

Nokia 5250 Review

It is very interesting to see how the world has changed, first we had cups with strings then telephones later cellphones were introduced. Now widely harvested on the market, the age of regular cellphones has diminished as now even the most affordable cell phones possess some advanced features. There is no need to blame the makers of this technology, as this is how the business can survive on the market. A high proportion of the population wants to have a cool cell phone, one with many liked features. If only, some could educate themselves on these technologies. However, hope is not lost as there are still some manufacturer’s that caters for all. Whether you are looking for an affordable cost, cool phone with simple features or just something that will do the job right, the Nokia 5250 is the phone for you.
This phone is cost effective, and still possess some cool features like connecting with friends and families on Facebook, touchscreen, OVI store applications, built in memory and also expandable up to 16 GB with micro SD card. The battery life for this phone is also of high performance and allows 450 hours of talk time. Although this phone doesn’t possess more advanced features like 3G, wifi or GPS, it is still considered to be an extraordinary gadget and it is also available at a low cost. This phone will provide you with adequate satisfaction, which is a bit over average for a standard cell phone.

Main Features : 

    * Quad-band GSM, EDGE support
    * ARM 11 434 MHz processor; 128MB of RAM
    * 2 MP fixed-focus camera
    * VGA (640 x 480 pixel) video recording @ 30fps
    * Stereo Bluetooth v2.0
    * microSD slot, microUSB port
    * Excellent loudspeaker performance

Main disadvantages :

    * No 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS receiver
    * Poor screen quality
    * Doesn’t charge off USB
    * No support for DivX/XviD videos out-of-the-box

Nokia N8 Pics

Nokia N8 Prices :
191 USD - 520 SR - 525 AED - 970 LE

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